torek, 30. julij 2013

e-magazine Home and Style

In this hot days you can get some fresh inspirations if you look this beautiful summer e-magazine about home, food , style and more...


ponedeljek, 29. julij 2013

petek, 26. julij 2013

Lončarjeva domačija / Potter homestead


I have a really wonderful and creative neighbors
In our small village Podboršt they have created beautiful
 homestead / museum of Slovenian rural antiquities. 

You can feel a lot of love and hard work in this place 
and I really do respect them. 
Here are some photos from todays afternoon.

I was really happy when this cute little girl Naja showed me, 
how she and her aunt made DIY 100% doll. 

If this days are too hot for you I suggest that you 
lay down in the shadow and relax :)



new fish brooch

My new hand-made fish brooch... I just love this simple and curvy pattern.


Price: 12€




ponedeljek, 22. julij 2013

art fair Izola

It was a colorful and really, really, really hot Saturday in Izola,
but this lovely little street art fair had a special vibe.

cute, cute, cute (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ "

" hug me please 

" time for lunch "

because it was so terribly hot we went a bit crazy :) "

I visited this beautiful TAKTIL gallery of  contemporary handmade jewelry. 

" I'm very glad I got to know the artist Rosanna and we had a very nice chat. "

a well deserved beer after a long working day ;) "